Your Company’s Legal Shield

How We Can Help Preserve Your Trade Secrets

Rather than waiting until you face a trade secret conflict, it can be easier and more cost-effective to work with an experienced intellectual property attorney before problems arise. Steele Law Group, PLLC, can help your business safeguard its trade secrets – and respond to parties that have accessed and used this vital information.

Proactively Taking Countermeasures

The most effective way to protect your business’ trade secrets is to build systems and policies that govern daily operations. Our law firm enacts comprehensive solutions such as:

  • Forming industry-specific strategies to encrypt or lock company data
  • Creating internal policies regarding digital security and confidentiality
  • Drafting noncompete agreements
  • Helping employees understand how to abide by noncompete clauses
  • Ensuring that new employees are not violating noncompetes with former employers, which may risk legal consequences for your company
  • Staying vigilant of potential intellectual property theft through detailed web assessments

Without taking affirmative steps for trade secret protection, you may lose your claim to them. We understand how important it is to retain control over all your intellectual property, which is why we are thorough in our approach.

Putting A Stop To Stolen Trade Secrets

If you suspect that another company or a former employee has stolen your business’ secrets, it is essential to act immediately. At our Texas firm, our attorneys can swiftly address these problems through an injunction or a temporary restraining order.

Once the other party receives notice to stop the specific action that relies on your trade secrets, we can develop a long-term solution. We are steadfast litigators who are willing to protect your recipes or techniques in court as necessary.

Ready To Champion Your Trade Secrets

Your company deserves to fully benefit from the fruits of its labor. Steele Law Group, PLLC, is available to discuss concrete steps that your business can take to guard its trade secrets and intellectual property against theft. Serving the Houston area, we can provide informed guidance at 713-659-2600. You may also request a consultation through our website.