Keeping employees happy and invested in a business is one of the primary goals of any good business owner. It is also important to understand what the law requires out of employers concerning breaks.

Like the majority of states, Texas does not require specific breaks for employees. According to the state of Texas, lunch breaks are not required under state law.

Are any breaks required?

The only true exception to this law are companies that work in specific high-hazard verticals. For instance, workers in nuclear power plants or in steel erection are legally required to have breaks to maintain safety standards.

The only other exception is a federal law. When the federal government passed ACA in 2010, it included provisions for nursing mothers. If a woman has given birth within the last year, she must have ample time to either feed the infant or expel breast milk.

What is a lunch break?

There is no law requiring lunch breaks in Texas, but there is a legal definition of what a lunch break is. If you give your employees a lunch break, this period of time must be 30 minutes or longer. Plus, the employee cannot do additional work during this time. If the employer adheres to these rules, the lunch break may be unpaid. However, if the employee is doing any sort of work during this period of time, the employer must pay for the “lunch” break.

Additionally, if the break is 20 minutes or less, then the employer pays for the break. In reality, even though Texas law does not require specific lunch breaks and rest periods, the majority of employers provide them in order to improve employee morale.