Employers in Texas and across the United States are responsible for providing a safe and secure work environment for their employees. This includes workers with racial, cultural, sexual and religious differences. 

Employers who do not take this issue seriously may find themselves in the middle of a discrimination law suit. It is critical that all workers feel comfortable working with other employees and that everyone is respectful of others. 

Facts about workplace discrimination  

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, discrimination includes anyone who is treated differently due to their gender, age, sexual preference, race, national origin, religion or whether they are pregnant or disabled. Discrimination may get to the point where it creates a hostile work environment and the victimized employee may feel uneasy going to work. 

Tips to avoid discrimination 

There are steps both employers and employees can take to minimize workplace discrimination. These include the following: 

  • Provide essential training on discrimination, educating employees on what is and what is not appropriate 
  • Avoid racial or discriminatory jokes, comments or remarks 
  • Always act professionally 
  • Provide a clear and accessible way for employees to submit complaints 
  • Create a handbook containing rules and consequences and make it available to all employees 
  • Follow up on reports of discrimination and be sure to handle complaints consistently 

It is important to stay consistent and make sure all employees know the rules when it comes to workplace discrimination. Everyone should be treated fairly and when someone crosses the line, he or she should be dealt with according to the protocol set in place by the company.