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A Practical Alternative To In-House Counsel

Small to mid-sized companies often require ongoing legal assistance, but in-house counsel may not be affordable or sensible. However, your business does not need to reach a lofty profit margin before you can receive thorough legal guidance.

Our lawyers can give you the level of customized service you might expect from an in-house legal team – at a realistic rate. Steele Law Group, PLLC, is proud to serve Houston businesses when they need trusted legal insight. Our flat monthly fee prevents surprise legal charges while we stay available to respond to your urgent needs.

Our Cost-Effective Business Counsel Services

With our extensive experience in business law, we can help your business comply with state and federal law by:

  • Clarifying insurance and potential liability issues
  • Assisting you with tax audits or Department of Labor audits, including prevention, preparation and representation
  • Creating compliant, comprehensive HR handbooks
  • Training employees to avoid discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace

You may also receive general legal support through our outside business counsel, including:

  • Detailed assessments of your company's legal vulnerabilities and strategies to reduce risk
  • Vigilant searches for possible copyright or trademark infringement
  • Contract drafting services, including non-competition agreements
  • Straightforward answers to your business and law-related questions, saving you time and energy

All the above amenities are included in our outside business counsel services. You can rest easy knowing where to turn for your legal needs – and knowing that you can get help without conducting a cost-benefit analysis each time.

We Want To Reduce Your Stress

At our firm, we are willing to take on as much of the burden as possible. Whether our duty in your case is to communicate with other parties on your behalf or to advise you on a vital decision, our skilled Texas lawyers are eager to help.

To schedule an appointment during which we can learn about your individual business needs, call us at 713-659-2600. You can also reach us through our online contact form. Steele Law Group, PLLC, will work diligently to protect your company.

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