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"Announcement: Howard L. Steele is running for Congress: I am pleased and honored to announce I am running for US Congressman for District 22. I have lived in my district 20 years (I moved here as a baby lawyer) and have a proven track record of helping my community and the Great State of Texas. I have prayed about it. I am the son of an old Navy chief (6 tours in Vietnam) and I received 4 degrees (2 BAs in Poli-Sci (Baylor and UT-D), a Doctorate in Jurisprudence (UH), and a degree above (LLM) in Intellectual property law-UH. Was honored with a federal clerkship (Southern District of Texas-Honorable Melinda Harmon) and First Court of Appeals clerkship (Honorable Sam Nuchia). I was recently honored by "Best Lawyers in America" for 2020. I ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT."

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